The need for downstream innovation is challenging companies to think of new bespoke solutions for customers with respect to both products and services. This can help strengthen competitive edges in an ever more international market. Even trendsetting brands and industrial environments are experiencing a need for new skills.

Global Branding and Business Model Innovation

Trade and industry now have access to a new, bespoke skills training programme covering highly topical subjects when it comes to adapting and developing in a new era. The primary goals of the "Global Branding and Business Model Innovation" skills training project are to develop companies and their key resources and ensure that their expertise in brand management, internationalisation, digitisation, and new business models is raised to new heights.

The project aims to ensure companies achieve better international growth by developing new markets, new business models, and optimised value chains by learning from different industries.


Shortprograms and masterstudies

The "Global Branding and Business Model Innovation" skills training programme commenced in autumn 2016. The cluster has developed a number of study and short programmes in cooperation with leading universities and university colleges: