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Why become a member of our cluster?

Beeing a member of a business cluster is all about sharing and receiving inspiration from other businesses and academic partners who is occupied with the same strategic challenges as you. The players of the Norwegian Rooms® Cluster share a common wish to build stronger norwegian, international brands.

These strategic goals are the fundament for the clusters activities:

  1. Develop norwegian finished goods industry to be global «first movers» within branding and internationalisation. 
  2. Develop norwegian finished goods industries most important R&D- and learningprojects, to ensure that designdriven innovationprocesses gives norwegian, internatinale competitive advantages.
  3. Develop profitable, sustainable and flexible valuechains in the finished goods industry, through innovative programs and R&D-activities.
  4. Develop a larger and more robust cluster, with differentiated activities for the members of the cluster.
  5. Develop the clusters attractiveness and contribute to strengthen its reputation within the society and the authorities.

Norwegian Innovation Clusters

Norwegian Innovation Cluster offers both financial and professional support to implement cluster- and developmentprojects. 

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Bronze Label i Cluster Management Excellence

Norwegian Rooms is awarded the Bronze Label-status in Cluster Management Excellence. This is a  recognition of the clusters strategic fundament, as well as the clusters work to purposefully improve the organization and management of its activities.

The sertificate is also a quality stamp for cooperation with others clusters or to seek funding solutions internationally. It's the European Secretary for Cluster Analysis (ESCA), which has developed the method of benchmarking clusters, and is a recognized method across Europe. Each cluster is analyzed based on an interview of cluster leaders conducted by an ESCA benchmarking expert. The interview covers 36 indicators regarding the structure of the cluster, cluster management, cluster funding, activities conducted by the cluster management, contacts and interaction in the the cluster, and achievement and recognition of the cluster. According to the report from ESCA, Norwegian Rooms is already built on a strong strategic platform, with good reporting routines and target management principles, compared to other similar clusters. The cluster is nevertheless recommended to work more with how the composition of the memebers can develop closer relationships and interaction, as well as link stronger links between different members and development actors.

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